2021-03-27: "Was bringen 10 Millionen Bäume dem Klima" - Our biomass study on non-forest trees has been mentioned in the news article of Martin Läubli im Tagesanzeiger and Der Bund.


2021-03-10: We studied the biomass storage of non-forest trees together with Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH-HAFL and the University of Zurich UZH-RSL to support climate reporting of Switzerland. The results are now published in Annals of Botany.


2020-10-28: Our nationwide land cover map for Switzerland has been extended for 2019.


Nategra creates knowledge. We use modern statistical methods and machine learning to analyze geodata, aerial and satellite imagery, LiDAR and field. This enables us to generate numerical evidence for figure-based management decisions.

> GIS & Remote Sensing

> Data Analyses & Statistics

> Machine Learning Analyses

> Potential maps & Scenarios

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Integrated Management

Nategra thinks holistically. We specialize in sustainable management of natural resources. We plan, implement, monitor and evaluate with expertise and experience.

> Sectoral, structure and land use plans

> Implementation

> Monitoring and evaluation

> Project management

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Nategra empowers others. We help you master your statistics and management challenges on your own. This may happen in already existing courses or in trainings specifically tailored to your needs.

> Business analyses in environmental sciences

> Introduction to statistical environment R

> Spatial analyses with statistical environment R

> Environmental monitoring

RGB Mosaic Switzerland based on Sentinel data


Nategra is a company focusing on integrated management of natural resources — active at the interface between science, economy and society. We aim for optimal solutions for both humans and nature.


We share knowledge and experience from over 15 years in the field and many different regions of the world. From forests and grasslands to and alpine ecosystems, from nature reserves to urban areas.


And we are looking forward to meet you soon personally.

Lukas Mathys & Jonas Klingbeil

Analytical Thinking from Sources to Solutions